#78/100 – Sasha – Involver

This is a weird one, for a few reasons. First, it’s a 2xLP but only has 8 of the tracks that Sasha used for the normal Involver release. They’re all 33 RPM tracks, but the cutting is so wide for club play that they take up a full side each. It’s also from a collection that I was able to cherry pick from many years ago, of which I should have just purchased everything.

This time around I’m listening to the first of the two discs, which includes The Youngsters track Smile, and Spooky’s Belong. Because it’s only one track per side, I’m picking a focus track from both sides. This is a super difficult one, as both of these tracks are very, very good, but I’m going with Belong from Spooky for this listen.


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