2017 – Favorite Albums

Here’s a list of the favorite albums from 2017, including a link to a way to enjoy it. (Note that these are in no particular order)

Com Truise – Iteration : Bandcamp

Bicep – Bicep : Bandcamp

Edamame – Bask : Bandcamp

X&G – PERSONA : Bandcamp

Frameworks – KINGS : Bandcamp

ODESZA – A Moment Apart : Bandcamp

Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman – Triple Fat Lice : Free Download at Bandcamp

Run the Jewels – RTJ3 : Free download at runthejewels.com

P.O.S – Chill, dummy : Bandcamp

TOKIMONSTA – Lune Rouge : Bandcamp

CLAVVS – World Underwater : Bandcamp

A7PHA – A7PHA : Bandcamp

Kllo – Backwater : Bandcamp

Emancipator – Baralku : Bandcamp

Shigeto – The New Monday : Bandcamp

Geotic – Abysma : Bandcamp

Lusine – Sensorimotor : Bandcamp

Dauwd – Theory of Colours : Bandcamp

Sylvan Esso – What Now? : Amazon

Clark – Death Peak : Amazon

Letherette – Where Have All the People Gone? : Bandcamp

Jacques Greene – Feel Infinite : Amazon

Maya Jane Coles – Take Flight : Amazon

Null + Void – Cryosleep : Bandcamp

Amandra – Dame de Bahia : Soundcloud

Shredders – Dangerous Jumps : Bandcamp

Kuna Maze – Gum : Bandcamp

Nym – Lilac Chaser : Bandcamp

Kabanjak – A Map of the Unconscious : Bandcamp

Ki:Theory – Silence : Amazon

Nerd New Year 2017 – Hour 8 – Chill

Post-noise cool-down with this chillout music. Get ready for another trip around the Sun.

Artist Album Name
Letherette Where Have All The People Gone? Blaek
Matteo Vallicelli Primo Il Balletto Delle Stelle
Bibio Phantom Brickworks Ivy Charcoal
Ligovskoï Mana EP and Remixes Cross
Robot Koch and Savannah Jo Lack Particle Fields Skipping Stairs
Amandra Dame De Bahia Vauban
Special Request Stairfoot Lane Bunker EP Stairfoot Lane Bunker
Synkro Hand In Hand Vanishing Point
Chloé Endless Revisions Nuit Noire
Mux Mool Implied Lines Sympathy
Com Truise Iteration Vacuume
low.poly.exception nodal point gang Nanocarbon Shrine
Nym Lilac Chaser Cedar Stone
Maya Jane Coles Take Flight Let You Go
Jacques Greene Feel Infinite Promo Dundas Collapse
Null + Void Cryosleep Into The Void

Nerd New Year 2017 – Hour 7 – Noise

Not pleasant for “easy listening” but definitely stimulating. Bear with it, because this stuff is pretty cool.

Oneohtrix Point Never Good Time OST Entry To White Castle
S U R V I V E RR7387 Other (Justin K Broadrick as JK FLESH Remix)
Kai Whiston Fissure Price Erroll
Noer the Boy Mechanism Salt Point 29
Biogen Halogen Continues Lag 24
Savile Compersion Talk Smile Bite
Nathan Fake Providence CONNECTIVITY
Clark Death Peak Slap Drones