Playlist – 04/26/12

This is the list of artists, albums, and songs
Artist Album Track
Plug Back On Time A Plug for A New Slot
Wiley Evolve Or Be Extinct Ya Win Some, Ya Lose Some
Shigeto Lineage Field Trip
Shigeto Please Stay
Shlohmo Vacation Remixes Wen UUU (Teebs remix)
Speech Debelle I’m With It Single I’m With It (Lapalux remix)
Lapalux Many Faces Out of Focus Time Spike Jamz
Lapalux There Are Monsters In This Bed
Lapalux When You’re Gone Gone
Edison Not What Ships Are Built For The Nobility of Being First In Line
Edison The Blue Bike
Mux Mool Planet High School Raw Gore
Bonobo Black Sands Remixed The Keeper (Banks remix)
Phuturepromitive Kinetik Kinetik
Mati Zundel Amazonico Gravitante Senor Montecostez
The Funk Ark High Noon Hey Mamajo
Simian Mobile Disco Seraphim Seraphim (radio edit)
CHLLNGR Datter Datter
DJ Signify Sleep No More Fly Away
DJ Signify Migrane
Hail Mary Mallon Are You Gonna Eat That? Grubstake
Sims Bad Time Zoo Good Times
Dutch A Bright Cold Day Tristessa
Fan Death A Coin for the Well EP Soon
Seekae +DOME Gnor
Nosaj Thing Drift Us
Chad Valley Equatorial Ultravox Shapeless
Daedelus Exquisite Corpse Welcome Home (feat. Mike Ladd)
Alias Fever Dream Lady Lambin’
Albert Swarm Held Familialities
Trentemoller Into the Great Wide Yonder Neverglade
Pale Sketcher Jesu: Pale Sketches Demixed The Playgrounds Are Empty (Slumber mix)
Blue Sky Black Death Third Institution

Playlist – 04/05/12

This is the list of artists, albums, and songs
Artist Album Track
Shigeto Lineage A Child’s Mind
Shigeto Lineage Huron River Drive
Ernest Gonzales Natural Traits The Voice of Fate
Shlohmo Bad Vibes Big Feelings
Shlohmo Vacation EP The Way U Do
Random Rab Viurreal I Alone
Random Rab Master of Gyroscopes
Mux Mool Planet High School Palace Chalice
Mux Mool Ruin Everything
Bonobo Black Sands Remixed Brace Brace
Bonobo Black Sands (Duke Dumont remix)
Phutureprimitive Kinetic Ripple Effect
Mati Zundel Amazonico Gravitante El Alto De La Paz
Graham Knox Frazier The Big Chill Interlude
Graham Knox Frazier Days Gone By
The Funk Ark High Noon El Rancho Motel
CHLLNGR Datter Datter
Simian Mobile Disco Seraphim Seraphin (Radio edit)
VCMG Ssss Aftermaths
VCMG Recycle
DJ Numark Broken Sunlight When You Sleep
All Good Funk Alliance Rhythm and FX EP So Smooth
Big History All At Once Every Bone
Astronautica Astronautica For You
Astronautica January Summer 1
Behold the Profit Behold the Profit A Pack of Scarecrows
Behold the Profit The Machine Rolls On
Yppah Eighty One Never Mess With Summer
Yppah Happy To See You
Clark Iradelphic The Pining Pt. 1
Clark The Pining Pt. 2
Elephant and Castle Transitions En Memoria (feat. Tune-Yards)
Elephant and Castle The Hangar
Kasper Bjorke Fool All I Hear Is Drums
Kasper Bjorke Einstein’s Theme
Tensei Plug Research Passport
Sonic Adventure Project Who Is In? Momentum
Blockhead Never Forget Your Token
Blockhead Tools Of the Industry
Bang On! Fars Yer Whop (DJ Q remix)
Hot Sugar There’s A Man Waiting
Hot Sugar The Kid Who Dromn
Breton Other People’s Problems Pacemaker
Slugabed Molecules
DJ Kentaro Step In
The Glitch Mob Drink the Sea Remixes Between Two Dreams (Machinedrum remix)
BSBD & Nacho Picasso Radio Edits Fight Bill (Radio Edit)
Lazerbeak Lava Bangers Ghostdust
Chester Music for Primordial GlassBalloon
Edison The Full Mustafa One Zero
Soul Rebels Brass Band Unlock Your Mind Say Na Hey