#71/100 – The Faint – Danse Macabre

This was a staple in early Nerd Show, as it came out right before the show started. This album, Bloc Party’s Silent Alarm, some Paul Oakenfold, DJ Shadow, and a few others were staples for the first year or so while we tried to figure out what the show was.

I really enjoyed listening to Side A and found it a true throwback many, many years, as I haven’t listened to it in a decade or more. Lots of memories seeing them at House of Blues in Las Vegas and at In the Venue in SLC with friends. Lights, synths, silly dancing. Violent, however, was the standout on this listen because of the story it tells and how it really takes on a life after the vocals end, with a neat, expressive breakdown that puts a nail in the side.


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