Pro or No – Mixcloud

An announcement in late 2022 got some attention when Mixcloud decided to change their longstanding policy of allowing uploads from anyone, without a restriction on length or numbers of them over time. I’ve been a user of Mixxloud since finding them in early 2012, and subsequently uploaded over 600 shows and mixes. This likely constitutes something in the neighborhood of 1200 to 1350 hours total. No small amount of data or bandwidth.

The change in policy restricts users from uploading more than 8 shows on a Basic account. In order to upload more than this, either the previously submitted shows need to be removed, or a Pro account subscription needed to be purchased. Pretty much an ultimatum for users like me, and I was a bit grumpy and felt like this was a bit unfair to those of us with time in the community. However, when the co-founder of Mixcloud responded on Twitter and took my input seriously, countering with some solid points, I reconsidered. I have brought value to the service, but it also serves me to put some weight on the other side of the scales in order to balance it out. This also lined up with the subscriber count from the channel chipping in to the kitty.

So, I came around. Nerd Show will continue to publish full shows to Mixcloud and stream live on SomaFM when possible. It’s a reasonable ask and you are part of the equation, and not a small part. I’ve been part of Nerd Show for two decades now, and I’m easily in a position to pay for a useful and very valuable service like Mixcloud. Hesitating to pay for something that was free but has value-adds when paid for, bears some thought and consideration. It’s natural to recoil a bit when something stops being free to use, but in the larger context this will hopefully help Mixcloud stay a solvent business that can be independent and fulfill the needs of the community as it has.

Here’s to many more years on Mixcloud.