What is Nerd Show?

Nerd Show is a weekly radio show and podcast which features music which tends to gravitate towards the “nerdy” kind of music. It’s perhaps a little more intellectual at times, maybe a bit more serious, and certainly not something most radio shows will play. It’s electronic, dub, reggae, funk, rock, classical and a multitude of other interesting interpretations.

How did it start?

Nerd Show was the brainchild of Luke, who decided in 2002 to attend the DJ class at KWCR, a college radio station run by Weber State University in Ogden, UT. After successfully demonstrating that he could push buttons while playing mega-indie music, the powers-that-be granted him a “Specialty Show” slot and he decided upon the name and decided to simply play the music he likes.

Dave came into the equation when Luke asked friends to come by, hang out, and listen to music. Dave being a big music nerd, offered to play some tunes on the air also, and eventually played the second half of the show. In late 2005, Luke decided to hand the show over to Dave and move on to other interests.

What about now?

Dave has fostered Nerd Show, reaching out in the intervening years to labels, promoters, artists, and the music-loving listeners of the world.

Dave has DJ’d at many social events, a few weddings, been the Resident DJ at the Chillout Room for DEF CON 19, DJ for the Chillout Lounge and the Wall of Sheep during DEF CON 20, and playing at the Rio Las Vegas pool for DEF CON 19 and 20.

Dave’s mixes have been featured on Groovement, a Manchester-based music blog and radio show, and been featured on Beatwolf Radio, a UK-based online radio station.

Dave has also presented Nerd Show on Utah’s own UtahFM, a Salt Lake City-based online radio station promoting freedom in broadcasting.

What other projects are out there?

Starting in 2013, DEF CON Radio was launched on SomaFM, one of the legendary streaming radio stations for DEF CON 21. The collaboration has continued and even spawned Fluid, the woozy, tripped out and hazy cousin of DEF CON Radio.

Along those lines, Dave has been the opening DJ at the annual, and legendary, DC801 party at DEF CON since DC21. Sets are available on this Mixcloud playlist.