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keeping WSU real since 2004

Nerd Show airs every Thursday night from seven to ten.

Make requests or just check for news through Nerd Show’s Twitter account! @nerd_show

Nerd New Year’s 3rd annual broadcast, 8PM December 31st to 2AM January 1st. Tune in! Playlist is available here

For the latest playlist, Thursday, Febuary 17th, click here

In November 2010, I was able to do an interview with Quannum artist Pigeon John. Find his inteview here

A considerably up-to-date list of vinyl available for use by the DJs can be found here

The show is be carried on FCC channel 201, callsign KWCR-FM, serving the greater Ogden Metroplex. The signal is centered at 88.1MHz with a bandwidth of 200KHz, using frequency modulation.

A stereo subcarier is available via the standard Zenith-GE pilot tone multiplex system using a double-sideband suppressed carrier signal in the range 23 to 53 kHz.

Stay tuned for more info.

Equipment used by the show consists of an Apple MacBook Pro, Apple iPod Touch (64GB, 3rd gen), Technics 1210M3D and Numark TT100 turntables.

We have used many devices in the past, including a 5GB iPod (1st Generation), 40GB iPod Photo, 160GB iPod Classic, Toshibal M200 Portege convertible tablet/laptop, Dell 8200 Laptop, and an ion USB turntable.