#63/100 – Marian McPartland – Interplay

As a Jazz record goes, this one is unusual for a few reasons. First, it’s a piano and bass. Second, it’s a woman on the keys. Third, this woman was white and British. Fourth, my copy has misprinted labels. Didn’t know that until I looked closer. Fifth, she was one of the most respected Jazz musicians ever and hosted the radio show Piano Jazz from 1979 for 25 years which played a very important role in my weekly listening for many years. She could invite any musician, who could play any instrument or sing any style, and vibe with them. It was simply amazing to listen to her show and hear the stories of her life.

That misprinted label didn’t foil my desire to listen to Side A, as it has four tracks versus Side B’s five, and on this listen I really and thoroughly enjoyed Twilight World, a track of Marian’s own. I’ve embedded the full album, as it’s the only way to share this track played solely with Linc Milliman.


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