#62/100 – Shigeto – No Better Time Than Now

This is one of those rare albums that just put you in a vibe from the start and don’t relent. I had my eyes closed the entire time I listened to it and I didn’t want to open them. Side A is non-stop flow and it was really, really hard to pick a track this listen. I’ve seen Shigeto perform many of these tracks live at Kilby Court in SLC. That’s almost literally a large shed, and when he toured this album it was with a drum set, which was amazing in the context. Later, when I saw that he did the same on KEXP I just kept watching it over and over. It’s why I’m including two videos again on this release, with Ringleader being an incredible example of how the track changes.

Detroit Part 1 just had to be my track pick. It’s so dense, wide, atmospheric, and expressive. I’m so glad that later, when Detroit Part II came out on his label Portage Garage Sounds, I was able to nab a copy. What a pair of tracks these are.


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