#32/100 – BT – Emotional Technology

This was an interesting pick because it’s one of the rare progressive trance albums I have. Most of the releases in my collection are singles pulled from a DJ’s fire sale collection many, many years ago. This 2003 release is a good listen, and knowing what his subsequent releases sound like…well it fits right in line. Side C pick was The Great Escape, because it had many of the hallmarks of later albums like This Binary Universe, These Hopeful Machines, Across the Wires, etc…

As a side note, I did get to meet BT at DEF CON 22 where he was a headline artist. Great guy who is an artist that typifies the DEF CON spirit. I’ve see him collect old gear to recreate the studio equipment he had from this early period. He also had my brother do all of the visuals for the album known as “_


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