#31/100 – Men At Work – Business As Usual

This is a bit of a throwback, but in truth I’ve never listened to the album in full. Growing up, there are a few well-played tracks from this album, like Who Can It Be Now or Be Good Johnny, but that’s almost all I knew. Picking Side B was a good choice, and I found out how much I like this band. Every track is good to very good, but I am a bit more fond of Touching the Untouchables than the others, but I was overall impressed.

One thing that I liked, apart from the very good vocal performance, is the drums on this album. They’re very sparse and there’s not a lot of crash or cymbals, rather it’s more percussive most of the time and relies on the rest of the kit. Very nice rhythm and swing, with a feel of a ska or two-step in it. Really great.


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