#68/100 – Alias – Resurgam

This release from the late artist Alias came along at an interesting time in the story of Nerd Show. It needed to find it’s feet a little bit, but the music I was getting from KWCR was unsteady and only a year or so earlier had the stream of music started to work, with our Music Directors doing the hard work to get us some good stuff. Not only that, they needed to know where these kinds of albums would be played. I really enjoy this one, even and especially with it’s more experimental tracks.

I chose Side A tonight, and I was sure that I Heart Drum Machines would be my pick until Prelude to Death Watch played, and I knew that Death Watch would be my pick. It ties up the instrumental and the experimental aspects of the first side, with sweeping guitars, melody, drums, and a somewhat grand feel.


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