#100VinylSides Project

I’m about to go on a bit of a journey through my record collection. What I hope this does is a few things for me, and hopefully some for those readers and listeners out there. I’d like an excuse to just go an put on a record more regularly, but maybe not a complete album. I also have a lot of records that I may not have listened to which were acquired at some point but have yet to be heard. Some of these are a little uncommon, while others aren’t available on streaming services or even a CD.

I’ll be including a brief description of the record I’m listening to, 100 total in this first run, and which side of the record I sampled. If it’s a double album I’m only picking one of three or four sides. There may be EPs or even single remixes if I’m feeling adventurous. We’ll see.

Also included in the posts will be a link to the exact release I put on the turntable, as best I can find on Discogs. Finally, I’ll do my best to find a YouTube video for you. I can’t guarantee every one of these will have that, but we’ll see.

Come along on the journey and feel free to use the #100VinylSides hashtag on Twitter to see what I’ve been hearing.