#91/100 – Mux Mool – Planet High School

This is another one of those albums from what felt like a somewhat golden era of music in the early 2010s. Streaming wasn’t really a thing yet. I was still getting huge piles of CDs from the radio station for Nerd Show. Labels like Ninja Tune, Warp, and Ghostly were finding and promoting really talented artists. I got to see many more of them than I thought at SXSW in the following years, so that helps too.

Planet High School fits solidly in to that feel. Lots of experimentation here without feeling too distant. In fact, this is a very close sounding album in a lot of ways and maybe a little personal. I picked Side B because the art was different than Side A, which was just the cover art. I really like Hand on the Scantron, the opening cut, but the last track, called Baba, was just a bit more melodic and what I needed this listen.


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