#86/100 – Jori Hulkkonen – We Are Invisible

This is one of those weird and quirky EPs that I picked up somewhere, somehow, long ago, and basically forgot about. It was in my much smaller collection when I was still playing vinyl on the Nerd Show in the studio, so I’d play Back When We Was Attached on occasion if I was feeling weird. However, on this occasion things were a little bit different and we also listened to Side B.

I’d not originally sat down to listen to anything for this project, but a recent home renovation meant dismantling the studio entirely and moving equipment around. This was just a record close to the temporary turntable/mixer/amplifier setup I’d assembled to test the room sound and it occurred to me that this totally qualifies.

Flash Boy is a track that I would not normally like, to be completely fair, but in this new studio arrangement the sound staging was so interesting and wide, with a lot of on- or slightly off-center instruments going on that captivated me. It gets the nod this time.


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