Nerd New Year 2014 – Part 9 of 9

Nerd New Year 2014 – Part 9 of 9 by Nerdshow on Mixcloud

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This is the list of artists, albums, and songs
Artist Album Title
Lusine Arterial Arterial
Kasper Bjørke After Forever Sylvia (Featuring CTM) (Original Mix)
Taylor McFerrin Early Riser Blind Aesthetics
Akin AMB1407 Ghost Orchid
Burial Rival Dealer – Radio Edits Come Down to Us
Sunchase Grassroots: United Over Ukraine Sett
Daiuke Tanabe Floating Underwater Paper Planes
Plaid Reachy Prints Wallet
Beacon L1 (LR) Fault Lines
DFRNT Patience Plains
Heal Kyote Merrow
Stillhead Dwelling EP Cosy Dub
Christopher Willits Opening Clear
Deru 5oFoF Disc 1 1979
Tomas Barfod Love Me Sell You (Featuring Night Beds)
Snow Ghosts Secret Garden Secret Garden
Illum Sphere Spectre Vex Embryonic (Lone Remix)
Cooly G Wait ‘Til Night Wait ‘Til Night