PROX – Nerd Show Megamix

PROX (Nerd Show Megamix) – RPM Challenge 2015 by Nerdshow on Mixcloud

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This is the list of artists, albums, and songs
Artist Title
MK Suitcase Psychiatry
Moncrey Fly By Valis Acid Control
Rushfell The Hauntings of Palmer Eldritch
Nerd Show The Space Between Kingdoms – NS Master
MK Paging Dr. Smile
Moncrey Galaxies Away It Controls
The Hubble-Bubble “Now I am Become Palmer Eldritch, Destroyer of Reality
Anatolia’s Finest Your Fash IS precog Trash
DanTron McTronDan The Lost Oil Miner of Pathedral Elderditch Eyes N’ Teeth N’ Hands
Nerd Show Dream A Round House – NS Master
Drew Chial Substance D
Rushfell From Life to Life Forever
Moncrey Far Away In Dark Company
Nerd Show Turing Tested and Approved – NS Master
MK Layout Logic (Pat’s Pad)