Playlist – 4/11/13

Nerd Show Podcast – 11 April, 2013 by Nerdshow on Mixcloud

This is the list of artists, albums, and songs
Artist Album Title
Kaleidoscope Jukebox Infinite Reflection The Unpossible
Frikstailers En Son de Paz En son de paz
Matt Diamond Glass EP Meant To Be
Simple AMB1304 Barely Together
Liquid Stranger Cryogenic Encounters Zeal
Matt Shadetek The Empire Never Ended Madness
Matt Shadetek The Empire Never Ended Palm Tree Garden
Dauwd Heat Division Heat Division
South London Ordnance HF028 A1 Revolver
Sepalcure HF039 B1 – The Water’s Fine
Romare Love Songs: Part One Taste Of Honey (From The City)
Bonobo The North Borders Ten Tigers
Bonobo The North Borders Towers (feat. Szjerdene)
Aera Offseason Traveller Fever Beach
Cassegrain PRG030 Tiamat B1 Joule
xxxy TTY010 A Progression
DJ Koze Amygdala Royal Asscher Cut
DJ Koze Amygdala Das Wort
Chico Mann Magical Thinking Estrellitas (Little Stars)
Fauna Manshines Remixes Romantico (El Remolon Remix)
Dolor Misteria Its Sexy Outside
Dolor Misteria Misteria
Lapalux Nostalchic Kelly Brook
Lapalux Nostalchic One Thing (feat. Jenna Andrews)
CLOSE Beam Me Up EP Beam Me Up (feat. Charlene Soraia & Scuba)
BlackAsteroids Black Acid RMX Black Acid (Alva Noto Remodel)
Boundary Boundary Fukushima
Boundary Boundary Double-Edged Sword
The Black Dog Darkhaus Vol. 02 Broken Mind
Cosmin TRG Gordian New Structures For Loving
Cosmin TRG Gordian Gordian
Lorca If I Told You Have I Told You
Ed Davenport Inland Solstice
Amp Live Kaliedoscope Theory Mister Sarode
Letherette Letherette After Dawn
Letherette Letherette Restless
Deptford Goth Life After Defo Life After Defo
Deptford Goth Life After Defo Bronze Age
Emika Searching Searching (Radio Edit)