DEF CON 21 Demo

This one was definitely fun to make, and fulfills my “chill” vibe for music submission to DEF CON Music.

It’s the second mix I’ve made with Traktor for iPad, and I did have a slight error or two while recording, but I’m hoping this will be resolved in the future, either with a faster iPad or software fixes.

The mix is a neat, chill mix that won’t bore you, but neither will it break your neck. Lots of neat sounds from around the world and great atmospheres.

DEF CON 21 Demo by Nerdshow on Mixcloud

This is the list of artists, albums, and songs
Artist Album Title
Slugabed Sex (Ninja Tune Singles Pack – April 2012) Sex (Daedelus Remix)
Dobie We Will Not Harm You She Moans
Jef Stott Arcana White Tara [Anusara Mix]
Monokle Saints Fever
Bombay Dub Orchestra The New York Remixes Strange Constellation (Harvey Jones remix)
Bering Strait Apart Deep Breaths
Om Unit Aeolian (EP) (CIV038) (320) Lightworkers Call (feat Kromestar)
Sounds From The Ground Wider World Faraway Star
Tosca Odeon What If
FaltyDL Hardcourage Re Assimilate
Graham Knox Frazier The Big Chill II Karma
Captain Murphy Duality The Prisoner
Romare Love Songs: Part One Jimi & Faye (Part One)
DJ Sun One Hundred Heart Seed (feat Leah Alvarez & Martin Perna)
Kaleidoscope Jukebox Infinite Reflection Broken
Thavius Beck The Most Beautiful Ugly Atmos
Liquid Stranger Cryogenic Encounters Minimum
The Orb featuring Lee “”Scratch”” Perry” The Orbserver In The Star House Go Down Evil
Liquid Stranger Cryogenic Encounters Frostbite