Playlist – 07/19/12

This is the list of artists, albums, and songs
Artist Album Track
Yppah Eighty-One R. Mullen
Hot Sugar Moon Money The Kid Who Drowned
Blockhead Interludes After Midnight Tools of the Industry
Slugabed Time Team Earth Claps
Squarepusher Ufabulum 4001
Simian Mobile Disco Unpatterns I Waited For You
Matt Lange Laptop Symphony That Much Higher
El-P Cancer 4 Cure The Full Retard
Union Analogtronics Mystery Part 1
Super Guachin Future Sounds of Buenos Aires Se Pixelo El Vinito
Thomas Barfod Salton Sea Python
Tomas Barfod Only Human
Important Sembeh Ma Fa Fe Origin
Prince II Saen Dancehall Sound
George Sarah Who Sleep the Sleep Anna
Huoratron Cryptocracy Force Majeure
Hoopdreams Dark Summer Make It Right
BareSkin Digital Pirate Material AFter the End
Bondax All I Want
Lettuce Fly Ziggowatt
Anthony Valadez Just Visiting Sunny Spot
Nickodemus Moon People Under the Volcano
Shawn Lee Synthesizers In Space AJ’s Mood
Bang On! [sic] D’n’D
Humans Traps Horizon
Teams Love Distance
Dobie Nothing To Fear EP Hustle With Speed
Paper Tiger Priceless EP Big Light
The Invisible Rispah Wings
Lorn Ask the Dust Diamond
Lorn Everything Is Violence
Digitalism DJ Kicks – Digitalism Simply Dead
Kolsch Loreley
Wax Tailor Heart Stop Heart Stop (RJD2 remix)
Aesop Rock Skelethon Crows 2
Aesop Rock Racing Stripes
Om Unit Aeolian Fumes
Om Unit Lightworkers Call (feat. Kromestar)
The Cinematic Orchestra Manhatta (Extract)
ShadowBox Haunted By Colors Lex’s Not
Montag Phases New Found Land
The Alchemist Russian Roulette The Kosmos Pt. 6
Deco Child S&G S&G (Kelpe remix)
Vektroid Starcalc Infinity Diskette
Vektroid Dusk At Temple Amiga
Empresarios Volume EP Estereolismo
Darude Sandstorm (Slugabed remix)
Untold Kane
Mochipet Moguera/Hogs Bison (DanTron McTronDan remix)
Rushfell ES For Better For Worse
Nerd Show ES Large and In Charge