Playlist 05/10/12

This is the list of artists, albums, and songs
Artist Album Track
Big History All At Once Every Bone
Jef Stott Arcana The Promise
Jef Stott Le Club Lebanon
Behold the Profit Behold the Profit A Pack of Scarecrows
Behold the Profit There Is A Time…
Battles Dross Glop Wall Street (Gui Boratto remix)
Battles Swettie & Shag
Yppah Eighty-One Blue Schwinn
Yppah D. Song
CFCF Exercises Exercise #1 (Entry)
CFCF Exercise #2 (School)
Bang On! Far Yer Whop EP Far Yer Whop (DJ Q remix)
Kasper Bjorke Fool D.O.A.H.
Kasper Bjorke All I Hear Is Drums
Trentemoller My Dreams
Morgan Page In the Air In the Air
Morgan Page Where Do You Go
Meiko Leave the Lights On Single Leave the Lights On
Erasure Fill Us With Fire Fill Us With Fire
Grand Duchy Let the Prophet Speak Dark Sparkles
Grand Duchy Let the Prophet Speak Geode
Hot Sugar Moon Money There’s A Man…
Hot Sugar The Kid Who Drowned
Kwes Meantime Klee
Nappy Riddem One Word Sovereignty Wake the Sound
Brownout Oozy Flaximus
Brownout Stormy Weather
Breton Other People’s Problems Pacemaker
Breton Electrician
Broken Sunlight Single When You Sleep
Mobonix Reset Button Reset Button
All Good Funk Alliance Rhythm & FX Rhythm & FX
Blockhead Interludes After Midnight Never Forget Your Token
Blockhead Creeps Crouchin’
Aesop Rock Zero Dark Thirty Single Zero Dark Thirty (clean)
El-P The Full Retard Single The Full Retard (clean)
El-P Tougher Colder Killer (feat. Killer Mike) (clean)
Slugabed Time Team New Worlds
Slugabed All This Time
Squarepusher Ufabulum 4001
Squarepusher Energy Wizard
Clark Iradelphic Com Touch
Clark Tooth Moves
Elephant and Castle Transitions Adjoining Soulds
Elephant and Castle Altered Scones
Astronautica Astronautica Casino
Astronautica Philippines
Mati Zundel Amazonico Gravitante Senor Montecostez
Shigeto Lineage Field Trip
Shigeto Please Stay
Chester Music for Primordial Kiln
Chester TianchiSightings
Tensei Plug Research Passport
Astrobal Will