Playlist 10/27/11

This is the list of artists, albums, and songs
Artist Album Track
Magnetic Man Magnetic Man Crossover (feat. Katy B)
Magnetic Man Box of Ghosts
Dub Snakr Stronghold Sound presents: The Audio Refugee Compilation Tik Tak
Dub Snakr Got to Be Free
Alias Fever Dream
Raffertie Visual Acuity EP Visual Acuity
Bassnectar Divergent Spectrum Boomerang
Ellie Goulding Lights (Bassnectar remix)
Albert Swarm Held Fmailialities
Mocean Worker Candygram for Mowo! Hoot and Hollah
Apparat The Devil’s Walk The Soft Voices Die
Lotus Lotus Bush Pilot
Boom Bip Zig Zaj Reveal
J Boogie’s Dubttronic Science Go To Work Blue Mountain Dub
Miguel Migs Outside the Skyline Close Your Eyes
Miguel Migs They Don’t Know
Jono McCleery There Is It’s All
Captain Planet Cookin’ Gumbo Ningane
DJ Shadow The Less You Know, the Better Run For Your Life
Emika Emika Common Exchange
Rustie Glass Swords Surph
The Field Looping State of Mind The It’s White
Natacha Atlas Mounqualiba Rising Remixes Taalet
DJ Cam Seven California Dreaming
DJ Cam Dreamcatcher
Hectic Zeniths Hectic Zeniths Then and Now
Hectic Zeniths Curtains
Seekae +Dome Go
Seekae Reset Head
Slugabed Sun Too Bright Turn It Off Depth Perception
Starkey Open the Pod Bay Doors Open the Pod Bay Doors
Toddla T Streets So Warm Streets So Warm (Serial Killa Dub Vocal)
Trentmoller Reworked/Remixed Tide (Modeskeletor’s last ever remix)
Tycho Past & Present Hours