2018 – In A (wal)Nutshell

2018 has been an interesting year for Nerd Show. Yes, the show goes on, and you can find us on Twitter and listen on Mixcloud.

We traveled to China with SomaFM to take part in DEF CON China (Beta) and spent three days playing music for the nearly 2000 attendees. We spend hours at the SomaFM booth during DEF CON 26 playing vinyl, more vinyl again at the Packet Hacking Village, and the legendary DC801 opening set.

Music has slowed down just a little bit this year, with fewer tracks and favorites compared to the past five years, but this is not an unwelcome change. Most weeks the show is jam packed with 120 minutes or so of music. We’re still finding and playing gems from around the world, and enjoying the experience.

Archive shows are going to be a thing moving forward, or at least that’s the hope. These will be sourced from playlists kept from years prior to 2012, when the show wasn’t recorded live. It’s very interesting to see what we liked, and what was being played, in years past.

Keep with us, and keep listening.