Nerd Show – 10/16/14

Nerd Show – 16 October, 2014 by Nerdshow on Mixcloud

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This is the list of artists, albums, and songs
Artist Album Title
Nerd Show zZq (re)Presents Nerd Show Startup Sequence 2
Nightmares on Wax Vinyl Reissue Radio Sampler Damn
Wax Tailor Phonovisions Symphonic Orchestra Sometimes (Phonovisions Symphonic Version)
Bonobo The North Borders Tour. Ñ Live. Cirrus
Bonobo The North Borders Tour. Ñ Live. Prelude/Kiara/Ten Tigers
Kode9 & The Spaceape Killing Season CHASING A BEAST
Viers Ryomi/Usagi NKD008 Ryomi
xxxy Universal Quantifier Bash
Sumsun Universal Quantifier Avey Oliver
Nerd Show zZq (re)Presents Nerd Show Primary Sequence 2
Hudson Mohawke Chimes Brainwave
Lukid Crawlers La Cucaracha
Chicago Jim LT008 LT008m_02
Chicago Jim LT008 LT008m_03
Chicago Jim LT008 LT008m_04
Timoka Tulgey Hidden Tarn
Timoka Tulgey Ariel and Tiger
Timoka Tulgey Mrs Carpenter
Eliot Lipp Watch The Shadows Ain’t No Guarantee
Eliot Lipp Watch The Shadows Fresh (feat. SuperVision)
Locked Groove Thesseus EP Meditations In An Emergency
ODESZA Say My Name Remixes Say My Name (feat. Zyra) (Emancipator Remix)
Anna Lunoe All Out Bass Drum Dealer (B.D.D)
Caribou Our Love Mars
Soft Vision Soft Vision Foreign Peaks
Flying Lotus You’re Dead Ready Err Not
Flying Lotus You’re Dead Eyes Above
Flying Lotus You’re Dead Moment Of Hesitation
Daiuke Tanabe Floating Underwater Chugger
Daiuke Tanabe Floating Underwater Rest
Fink Hard Believer Too Late
Aphex Twin Syro aisatsana
Pacifika Six Degrees Records’ Psychedelic Planet Yo Te Amo (Waterpark Mix)
Nerd Show zZq (re)Presents Nerd Show Archive 2
LFO Frequencies LFO
Nerd Show zZq (re)Presents Nerd Show Shutdown Sequence 2