Playlist – 07/03/14

Nerd Show Podcast – 03 July, 2014 by Nerdshow on Mixcloud

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This is the list of artists, albums, and songs
Artist Album Title
Nerd Show zZq (re)Presents Nerd Show Startup Sequence 2
Kelis Friday Fish Fry Friday Fish Fry (Rob Garza Remix)
One Circle Transparency E.P. Transparency
Microburst Occulting Low Boilers
Microburst Occulting Lok Ward
Fhloston Paradigm The Phoenix Portal 1
Fhloston Paradigm The Phoenix Race To The Moon
Application System Fork Flange 7
Application System Fork Front End
Nerd Show zZq (re)Presents Nerd Show Primary Sequence 2
Eno • Hyde High Life Cells & Bells
Maxim Wolzyn Intercity Express Ostbahnhof, Spatzen
Cosmin TRG Vernacular
Imre Kiss Raw Energy EP (LT006) Raw Energy (ARPOS Session)
Sean Piñeiro Saved Once Twice Freylock
Sean Piñeiro Saved Once Twice After Six Minutes
Martyn The Air Between Words Love of Pleasure
Answer Code Request Code Relay Access
Answer Code Request Code Haul
Sunchase Grassroots: United Over Ukraine Sett
Colo Ur Salsa
Nightmares on Wax N.O.W. IS THE TIME Flip Ya Lid
Tomas Barfod Love Me Sell You (Featuring Night Beds)
Lone Reality Testing Cutched Under
Diamond Version CI Make.Believe (CI)
Yerzmeyey 8-Bit Operators: Tribute to Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Science I Just Can’t Get Enough
Nerd Show zZq (re)Presents Nerd Show Archive 2
Underworld Dubnobasswithmyheadman Dark & Long
Nerd Show zZq (re)Presents Nerd Show Shutdown Sequence 2