Playlist – 11/14/13

Nerd Show Podcast – 14 November, 2013 by Nerdshow on Mixcloud

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This is the list of artists, albums, and songs
Artist Album Title
Nerd Show zZq (re)Presents Nerd Show Intro Sequence
SŽbastien Tellier Confection Coco
Cannibal Ox Gotham (Deluxe LP Edition) Gotham (Ox City)
Moresounds Moresounds EP APHA009 Flocon [House Of Black Lanterns Remix]
The Deep Singular Silence Remixes Singular Silence
LMNL interdimensional reset Post-modern Medicine
Hubie Davison I Won’t Be There EP I Won’t Be There
Oleg Poliakov Random Is A Pattern Amanite
D33J Gravel Faded Creek
Kasim Keto Long Way – Single Long Way
Nerd Show zZq (re)Presents Nerd Show Primary Sequence
Lord Echo Curiosities Ghost Hands
KILN meadow:watt Star.field
KILN meadow:watt Willowbrux
The Delay in the Universal Loop Disarmonia Pythagoras
Thomas Blondet Featuring Carol C. UN Amor Un Amor (Kaleidoscope Jukebox Tango Dub)
Anoraak Chronotropic Remote
Beats Antique A Thousand Faces – Act 1 The Approach
DJ Rashad Double Cup Leavin (feat. Manny)
JEL Late Pass Breathe
Void Pedal Fantastic Freeriding 4 – Now Mauser
Protassov Fantastic Freeriding 4 – Now When The Beat Goes High
Break Science Seven Bridges Chronovisor
Recondite Hinterland Abscondence
EN SMM Opiate White
Nerd Show zZq (re)Presents Nerd Show Archive
RJD2 Deadringer Final Frontier (feat. Blueprint)
Nerd Show zZq (re)Presents Nerd Show Shutdown Sequence