Playlist – 04/25/13

Nerd Show Podcast – 25 April, 2013 by Nerdshow on Mixcloud

This is the list of artists, albums, and songs
Artist Album Title
Matt Shadetek The Empire Never Ended Visions
Sepalcure HF039 B3 – DMD
Bonobo The North Borders First Fires (feat. Grey Reverend)
DJ Koze Amygdala Marilyn Whirlwind
DJ Koze Amygdala Don’t Lose My Mind
Dolor Misteria Pull Me In
Lapalux Nostalchic Without You (feat. Kerry Latham)
Lapalux Nostalchic Straight Over My Head
BlackAsteroids Black Acid RMX Hydrogen (Dj Emerson & Angel Costa Remix)
Boundary Boundary Dilemma
Boundary Boundary Long Story Short
The Black Dog Darkhaus Vol. 02 Cracked
Cosmin TRG Gordian Semipresent
Cosmin TRG Gordian Noise Code
Lorca If I Told You Giant Stars
Ed Davenport Inland Monument
Letherette Letherette Gas Stations And Restaurants
Letherette Letherette Cold Clam
Deptford Goth Life After Defo Objects Objects
Deptford Goth Life After Defo Particles
Emika Searching She Beats
King Midas Sound Aroo Funny Love
The Orb featuring Lee Scratch Perry Ball of Fire Ball Of Fire (Deadbeat NYAH Dub)
Rainbow Arabia F.M. Sushi Lacking Risk
Alice Russell Heartbreaker Single Heartbreaker (Falty DL Remix)
Clark Iradelphic Sessions Soft Eruptor
Paula Temple RS1307 Colonized
Julien H Mulder Shift 003 B1 – Wont Say Nothing
Beacon The Ways We Separate Between the Waves
Beacon The Ways We Separate Drive
Graham Knox Frazier The Deep EP The Deep
Jono McCleery Fire In My Hands Fire In My Hands
Footsie Grime 2.0 Oh My Gosh
Tre Mission Grime 2.0 Dollar Bill
Gaudi In Between Times Put Your Guns Down (feat. Michael Rose)
Gaudi In Between Times Life (feat. Jahmal)
Paper Diamond Paragon Paragon Intro
Paper Diamond Paragon All Goose
Adventure Weird Work Days Off