EclectiCollective – Train Wrekord

This represents a collaborative effort between many members of a community formed around a Turntable.FM room called Eclectica Shmectica. Upon joining the room for the first time just on a year ago, I was bombarded by original music from many of the room’s regulars, and queried as to whether or not I had anything original. I didn’t, at the time, but I have been impressed upon and inspired to work with many of this group on other projects.

This project is part of the RPM Challenge for 2013. It’s goal is to get an album made in 30 days, and we did just that. This mix represents many hours of work by many artists, including myself, and a mix which I was able to make (one of two for the challenge).

More information at:

RPM Challenge
ES Turntable Room

EclectiCollective – Train Wrekord (Nerd Show mix) by Nerdshow on Mixcloud

This is the list of artists, albums, and songs
Title Artist
Maka Rushfell
Kama Faas
Gomi Rasta Dolphin
Tantalus Nerd Show
Agoraphobia Rushfell
I Can Smell Sleep Mooncrayon
Dark DanTron McTronDan
Buthos Nerd Show
Emigrating Rasta Dolphin
CakeTaker AnatoliasFinest
Mitternachtss Nack Hubble Bubble
What the Fuck Am I Doing With My Life DanTron McTronDan
Super Cow Licked Fragile Lipstick Eggs Be Pallid Oat Chips GG
Almuerzo Hubble Bubble
Disenchantment Rasta Dolphin
What Will You Find Out There MoonCrayon