Playlist – 08/09/12

This is the list of artists, albums, and songs
Artist Album Track
Tremor Future Sounds of Buenos Aires Malambo
Thomas Barfod Salton Sea Came to Party
Anthony Valadez Just Visiting Asleep
Lorn Ask the Dust Dead Dogs
Digitalism DJ Kicks – Digitalism Falling
Wax Tailor Heart Stop Heart Stop (RJD2 remix)
Aesop Rock Skelethon Tetra
Aesop Rock Gopher Guts
Om Unit Aeolian Ulysses (Sweatson Klank remix)
Om Unit Dark Sunrise
Vektroid Starcalc Interstellar Cluster
Empresarios Volume EP Rompan Fila
Untold Kane
Willits + Sakamoto Ancient Future I Don’t Want To Understand
Dark Time Sunshine ANX Overlordian
Bounceatron LHC Collider Startup Sequence
Bear In Heaven Deafening Love (Common Future’s LHC rejigger)
Rushfell The God Particle
Nerd Show Large and In Charge
The Hubble-Bubble The Collision At the End Of the Universe
Rasta Dolphin Wishful Thinking
Mayonnaise Power Lunch
The Pass Large Hadron Collider
MkUltra LHC Particle Physics
Mochipet Moguera – Hogs Bison (DanTron McTronDan’s special Moo Edit for Nehd Chow)
Dark Time Sunshine Prarie Dog Day
Kabanjak & Fat Albert Einstein Dub O’ Dup EP Southern Hemi
Kabanjak & Fat Albert Einstein Sleep/Wake Dub
Kid Smpl Escape Pod EP What Kept Us
Kid Smpl Relief
Grasscut Unearth Lights
Minelixir Why I’m Easy Future
VCMG Aftermaths Aftermaths (Alva Noto remix)
Protassov Back To Work EP Back To Work
DJ Kentaro Contrast Kikkake (feat. DJ Krush)
Graham Knox Frazier House Instrumentals II Think About It
Graham Knox Frazier A Million Years
Shigeto New Light EP Hear Me Out
Ancient Astronauts Orion Nebula Remixes Oblivion (feat. Azeem & DJ Zeph) (Maker Remix)
Ancient Astronauts Peace In the East (Kabanjak remix)
Zavala Fieldwerk 2012 Sampler The City Is Mine
Maker Owner