Playlist – 07/05/12

This is the list of artists, albums, and songs
Artist Album Track
Yppah Eighty-One Blue Schwinn
Hot Sugar Moon Money Coconut Powder
Brownout Oozy Stormy Weather
Breton Other People’s Problems Wood and Plastic
Blockhead Interludes After Midnight Escape the Meadow
Slugabed Time Team Mountains Come
Squarepusher Ufabulum Energy Wizard
Simian Mobile Disco Unpatterns Seraphim
Pryda Eric Prydz Presents Allein
Allure Laptop Symphony On the Wire
Tiesto Love Comes Again
Dead Janitor Exit Bratislava Deal
Blue Foundation In My Mind I Am Free Just A Hand
Sunnymoon Sonnymoon (infinity)
Matthew Dear Her Fantasy
El-P Cancer 4 Cure Dtay Down
El-P $4 Vic FTL
Union Analogtronics Preset Mars
Union Digital Delight
Frikstailers Future Sounds of Buenos Aires Guacha
Tremor Malambo
Human Woman Human Woman Dike Bike
Thomas Barfod Salton Sea Baxter St.
Tomas Barfod November Skies
Ruphert Sembeh Ma Fa Fe Taqui
BAlbore Dit Moi
George Sarah Who Sleep the Sleep Tomorrow Never Came
George Sarah Manatee
Huoratron Cryptocracy Force Majeure
Hoopdreams Dark Summer Get Up In the Chomper
SBTRKT Digital Pirate Material Hold On
JayceK Must Be Love
Lettuce Fly Madison Square
Anthony Valadez Just Visiting Yolden Gears
Nickodemus Moon People Under the Volcano
Shawn Lee Synthesizers In Space AJ’s Mood
Bang On! [sic] %#$% Everybody (Radio Edit short)
Humans Traps Plus Rien
The Alchemist Flight Confirmation Flight Confirmation
Teams Love Distance
PILLOWFIGHT In the Afternoon
Dobie Nothing To Fear EP Hustle With Speed
Paper Tiger Priceless EP Big Light
The Invisible Rispah Wings
Lorn Ask the Dust Mercy
Lorn Ghosst
Surrender ! DJ Kicks – Digitalism Travellers
Hey Today! 83
Wax Tailor Heart Stop Heart Stop (RJD2 remix)
Aesop Rock Skelethon ZZZ Top
Aesop Rock Cycles to Gehenna