Playlist 11/17/11

This is the list of artists, albums, and songs
Artist Album Track
Miguel Migs Outside the Skyline The System
Miguel Migs Zuzu
Jono McCleery There Is Stand Proud
Jono McCleery Home
Captain Planet Cookin’ Gumbo Samba Radiante
Captain Planet Dame Agua
DJ Shadow The Less You Know, the Better I Gotta Rokk
DJ Shadow Scale It Back
Emika Emika Be My Guest
Emika The Long Goodbye
Rustie Glass Swords City Star
Rustie Globes
The Field Looping State of Mind Burned Out
Natacha Atlas Mounqualiba Rising Remixes Batkallim
Natacha Atlas Makaan
DJ Cam Seven Seven
DJ Cam 1988 (feat. Inlove)
Hectic Zeniths Hectic Zeniths Why Shoot Debris
Hectic Zeniths I Might Drown
Seekae +Dome Gnor
Seekae Two
Slugabed Sun Too Bright Turn It Off Depth Perception
Starkey Open the Pod Bay Doors Blood Roses
Toddla T Streets So Warm Streets So Warm (Serial Killa Dub Vocal)
Trentmoller Reworked/Remixed Tide ()