Upcoming Shows – SLC

I’m excited that two great shows that interest me are coming up locally.

First is Hail Mary Mallon with Kimya Dawson at Urban Lounge this Wednesday the 24th. HMM is a collaboration of Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic, and DJ Big Wiz. They’re hilarious and extremely talented, despite what the video two posts down might lead one to insinuate.

Second is Thievery Corporation at Red Butte Gardens on September 1st. Thievery Corporation is one of the most important projects for modern, world electronic music in the United States, bar none. Their label, Eighteenth Street Lounge, is the outlet for many of the finest artists in that scene. They’re also a North American distributor for a number of the excellent artists on Switchstance in Europe.

Should be a great time for all on both counts.