I’ve spent some time over the past month and a half figuring out which records, and tracks thereupon, to play at the wedding for a coworker. Small affair, with 20-22 people, and Jazz was the requested format. No problem, got it covered. Just wish I’d remembered where I put that single RCA barrel connector to eliminate the $4 and 25 minutes spent getting two MORE of those damned things.

The wedding went very well. Some Yo-Yo Ma and stuff, from the iPad using djay, for the ceremony itself, then right into some Ahmad Jamal and Miles Davis. Many hours, many records, and only one frantic session trying to find dancing music later, I wrapped things up with some 20s and 30s territory band stuff. Great fun was had by all, including me.

On a different note, my ESL Music haul arrived today. Some Ancient Astronauts, Kabanjak, Federico Aubele, and Thievery Corporation vinyl to add to the collection. Man, I’m looking forward to playing some of these at Def Con if possible.

Speaking of…I submitted an application to preform during Def Con 19 this year. The hardest work was putting together the tracks I knew I wanted. The music was easy, as I’ve had a ton of new and recent releases whose sound is just begging to be heard loud and clear by an audience. A mix was required, so I put it together. It’s available below for your pleasure:

Def Con 19 Demo by Nerd Show


At only 18 years of age this Manchester-based producer has been churning out his genre-smashing dubstep experiments at such an alarming rate that he was already able to give away a Volume 1 compilation of his tracks in December last year. Numan’s eagerness to explore, experiment and invert the expectations of a Dubstep producer are going a long way to keeping the scene fresh; something that didn’t go unoticed last year when Planet Mu, advocates of the abstract in all things bassy released his first EP. While yearly lists subconsiously coerce us into faithwhether obsessions with artists, Numan is one who requires us to check back on ourselves. Fact declared him to be one of their ten producers to watch in 2010 but considering the fruits of last year’s labour he’s a guy not to take your eyes off in 2011. He hasn’t even started djing out yet and considering the livliness of his OM mix that’s something we’ve all got to look forward to.

Morcheeba – Blue Chair (Unitz Remix) [DUB]
Desto – Kodama’s Sanctuary [DUB]
L-Wiz – Stesolid [DUB]
Kavsrave – The Break Up (Anger) [Forthcoming Tighten Up Recs]
Kito – Spill [DUB]
Silkie – It’s Late [Forthcoming Deep Medi]
TRC – Into Sync [DUB]
Tim Deluxe – It Just Wont Do (TRC Remix) [?]
Numan – Race Against Time [Planet Mu]
Starkey – Yellows And Greens [Universe EP]
Numan – Untitled [DUB]”

Get it HERE