DEF CON – SomaFM – Clips (Ongoing)

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This is the list of Clip Name, Source, and CON Number
Artist Album Title
20 Years Ago Tonight Winn DC20
50 Pounds of Metal pyr0 DC20
75 Seconds Dan Kaminsky DC20
A Dog On the Internet Cat Okita DC11
Action GMark? or Priest Panel DC20
Alameda Priest (Panel) DC20
Always Waving Thieme DC20
And That’s Math Tottie DC13
And That’s the Story Zack Fasel DC20
Birthday Paradox Renderman (Airplanes) DC20
Bootlocking Doctorow DC20
Build Things Priest Panel DC20
Cancer Kaminsky DC20
Can’t Make It Secure Doctorow DC20
Caught Tired Priest panel DC20
Certainly Becomes A Very Big Deal Doctorow DC20
Computer In Everything Doctorow DC20
Computers Are Kaminsky DC20
Concieved At DEF CON DT DC20
Control and Knowledge Doctorow DC20
Control Your Environment Doctorow DC20
Convergent Doctorow DC20
Cookies In the Clear Wall of Sheep DC20
Cookies Cat Okita DC11
Cool Ringtone Grifter DC11
Cursing Her Name Tottie DC18
Break Some Things Dan Kaminsky DC15
Daring Thieme DC20
Dead Bodies Kaminsky DC20
Deception Comes Naturally Rain DC18
Deterministic Kaminsky DC20
Devil In the Details Doctorow DC20
Do It Tottie DC18
Doctrine Of First Sale Doctorow DC20
Doghma Kaminsky DC20
Don’t Even Know His Name Cat Okita DC11
DRM and It’s Cousins Doctorow DC20
Even At My Size Priest Panel DC20
Failure of Imagination Priest Panel DC20
Feds Are People Priest Panel DC20
Fez Are Cool Priest Panel DC20
Fifteen Thousand Jayson Street DC20
Flags Cat Okita DC11
Fool’s Errand Kaminsky DC20
For the Love Of Spongebob Renderman DC20
Free Beer DT (closing ceremonies) DC20
Fundamental Difference Kaminsky DC20
Get A Room Cat Okita DC11
Get Up Here Jayson Street DC20
Getting Carded DT (DC20 Closing) DC20
Going Liquid Theime DC20
Google Customer Service Schneier DC20
Grassroots Cat Okita DC11
Hacker Definitions Thieme DC20
Having A Blast Jayson Street DC20
Horribly Bad Rain DC18
How Many Of You Met Other LosT (DC101) DC20
Human Rights Doctorow DC20
I Have A Dumpster Grifter DC11
If Language Got Us Into This Mess Kaminsky DC20
If We Don’t Start Now Doctorow DC20
IRC Vicki Navratilova DC11
IRQs Kaminsky DC20
Irrelevant Tottie DC18
Judge Me ZFasel DC20
Jumper Jayson Street DC20
Known List Of Attacks Schneier DC20
Lack Of Consensus Kaminsky DC20
Like Sushi Priest Panel DC20
Long Story Short Barkode (closing ceremony) DC20
Lose Slower Schneier DC20
Make Security Systems Work Schneier DC20
Make the Girls Sigh Tottie DC18
Morse Code Over ICMP Riverside (closing ceremony) DC20
Most Common Password Schneier DC20
Mystery Challenge Challenges LosT (closing ceremonies) DC20
Narrow Self Interest Thieme DC20
NCIS Is True Priest Panel DC20
New Meanings For Words Schneier DC20
New Person,Old Problem Schneier DC20
NinjaTel Was Born Barkode (closing ceremonies) DC20
No Reasonable Distinction Doctorow DC20
Nobody On the Planet Priest Panel DC20
Not Going To Ban Them Schneier DC20
One Nanosecond Kaminsky DC20
One Of These Days Kaminsky DC20
Our Names Grifter DC11
Own Truth Rain DC18
Owning Wireshark Riverside (closing ceremony) DC20
Quantum Computing Schneier DC20
Raise Your Hand Priest Panel DC20
Random Numbers Kaminsky DC20
Random Output Kaminsky DC20
Read the Comic Books Priest Panel DC20
Recodnizably Persistent Thieme DC20
Reliability Cat Okita DC11
Screw Around For 10ms Kaminsky DC20
See Context Thieme DC20
Slide Tottie DC18
Smile For the Picture Priest Panel DC20
Some Of My Best Friends Thieme DC20
Space Aliens Priest Panel DC20
Spock Rain DC18
Spot Some Feds Priest Panel DC20
SQL Injection To Win GMark (closing ceremony) DC20
Starving For Entropy Kaminsky DC20
Stateless TCP Stack Kaminsky DC20
Stop and Reorganize Priest Panel DC20
Streak Grifter DC11
Structured Queries Kaminsky DC20
Subvert the System Schneier DC20
Surveilance Doctorow DC20
Ten Foot Fence Priest Panel DC20
Thank You Are There Any Questions Schneier DC20
The Low End Theory Kaminsky DC20
The Vision Kaminsky DC20
Told You I Wasn’t Cheap Priest Panel DC20
Toy Budget Priest Panel DC20
Translation Priest Panel DC20
Transparent Balls Thieme DC20
Tube Of Ants Renderman DC20
Two Threads One INT Kaminsky DC20
Unicorns Exist Priest Panel DC20
Want To See It Better Jayson Street DC20
War On General Computing Doctorow DC20
Way Of Thinking Doesn’t Change Schneier DC20
We As Hackers Renderman DC20
We Call That Compliance Kaminsky DC20
We Don’t Know How Doctorow DC20
We Hold the Gun Kaminsky DC20
We Need A Whole New Way Priest Panel DC20
Wear A Hat Tottie DC18
Weight Around My Neck Winn (closing ceremony) DC20
What Hackers Do Schneier DC20
What Will You Do Doctorow DC20
Without Them We Are Nothing Jason Scott (closing ceremony) DC20
Yelling Grifter DC11
You Can Do Almost Anything Doctorow DC20
You Can Never Have Schneier DC20
DEF CON 20 Closing Ceremonies,
Dan Kaminsky Black Ops 2007
Renderman Hacker and Airplanes, No Good Can Come Of This
Tottenkoph VirGraff101 An Intro to Virtual Graffiti
Richard Thieme Twenty Years Back Twenty Years Ahead The Arc of DEF CON Past and Future
Bruce Schneier Bruce Schneier Answers Your Questions
Cory Doctorow Beyond the War on General Purpose Computing Whats Inside the Box
Grifter Dumpster Diving
Zack Fasel Owned in 60 Seconds From Network Guest to Windows Domain Admin
Jayson Street How to Channel Your Inner Henry Rollins?
Neonrain Build a Lie Detector
Priest Panel Q and A with the Men and Women in Black
Cat Okita Aura a reputation system
FX Toying With Barcodes
Jason Scott Making A Text Documentary
Jay Beale Owning the Users With Agent in Middle

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