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I’ve been a long-time user of djay for iPad by Algoriddim (app store link: here ) and one of its best features is the capability for split audio output. This lets the user play the music on the deck faded to (selected) while listening to/cueing/checking the other deck. The importance of this is great, as […]

Synkro – Acceptance (Video)

Posted: 30th January 2013 by Dave in Video

Synkro’s new album Acceptance, has been one of my favorites this year and this video goes the track of the same name justice. It’s mesmerizing…

Lorn – Diamond (Video)

Posted: 17th September 2012 by Dave in Video

Another video from Lorn’s Ask the Dust:

Lorn – Weigh Me Down – Video

Posted: 13th September 2012 by Dave in Video

I’ve been impressed, even stunned, with Lorn’s latest Ninja Tune release called Ask the Dust. It’s dense, heavy, thick, and unyielding in its intensity. Weigh Me Down is the latest track with a single, and the video accompanying it is something else.

Tomas Barfod – Came To Party (Video)

Posted: 10th July 2012 by Dave in Video

I’ve very much been enjoying Salton Sea, the latest from Tomas Barfod, and the lead track is a very catchy track called Came To Party. It’s like a dance track, but slowed down ever so nicely.

Lorn – Ghosst(s) – Video

Posted: 6th July 2012 by Dave in Video

From his newest, extremely deep and haunting album Ask the Dust, Lorn has a video for the closing track to the album that needs to be seen to be understood. Creepy and fascinating…

El-P and Killer Mike –

Posted: 13th June 2012 by Dave in Video

Interview and performance of The Full Retard from El’s latest, greatest release, Cancer 4 Cure. Wow.

Skinemax – Video

Posted: 17th May 2012 by Dave in Video

I just started watching this and must share it… Great music and crazy cool video.

From his latest album, Natural Traits:

Salva – Making music on the iPad (Los Angeles Times)

Posted: 22nd February 2012 by Dave in Video