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Tomas Barfod – Came To Party (Video)

Posted: 10th July 2012 by Dave in Video

I’ve very much been enjoying Salton Sea, the latest from Tomas Barfod, and the lead track is a very catchy track called Came To Party. It’s like a dance track, but slowed down ever so nicely.

Lorn – Ghosst(s) – Video

Posted: 6th July 2012 by Dave in Video

From his newest, extremely deep and haunting album Ask the Dust, Lorn has a video for the closing track to the album that needs to be seen to be understood. Creepy and fascinating…

El-P and Killer Mike –

Posted: 13th June 2012 by Dave in Video

Interview and performance of The Full Retard from El’s latest, greatest release, Cancer 4 Cure. Wow.

Skinemax – Video

Posted: 17th May 2012 by Dave in Video

I just started watching this and must share it… Great music and crazy cool video.

From his latest album, Natural Traits:

Salva – Making music on the iPad (Los Angeles Times)

Posted: 22nd February 2012 by Dave in Video


Vince Clarke’s “Cabin Studio”

Posted: 16th February 2012 by Dave in Video

Vince Clarke, founding member of Depeche Mode, one half of the Erasure duo, and currently co-producting with Martin L. Gore, also from Depeche Mode, has a studio in Maine to replace his epic “dome” after he moved to the United States.

R/D – Neck Bites – The North Face (video)

Posted: 2nd February 2012 by Dave in Video

Yeah, ANOTHER ONE. It’s cool though 🙂

R/D – The North Face: Xavier de la Rue (video)

Posted: 1st February 2012 by Dave in Video

Another video featuring one of my favorite artists R/D:

Big R/D fan, and I’m glad to see he’s being used for these kinds of productions because the music works so, very, well: