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2017 – Favorite Albums

Posted: 22nd January 2018 by Dave in Albums

Here’s a list of the favorite albums from 2017, including a link to a way to enjoy it. (Note that these are in no particular order) Com Truise – Iteration : Bandcamp Bicep – Bicep : Bandcamp Edamame – Bask : Bandcamp X&G – PERSONA : Bandcamp Frameworks – KINGS : Bandcamp ODESZA – A […]

Moderat – Running

Posted: 23rd May 2016 by Dave in Albums, Singles and EPs, Video

The Range – Potential (Album)

Posted: 28th April 2016 by Dave in Albums, Video

The Range is a relatively new artist to the bigger electronic scene, and Potential has put his work another rung or three up the ladder. One of the show’s favorites of the year, it’s got a fascinating, dynamic vibe throughout. Sometimes it has a House hint, then a UK Bass vibe, and, well, just listen…

Moderat – Reminder (from III)

Posted: 10th April 2016 by Dave in Albums, Video

Moderat is the collaboration between Apparat and Modeskeletor, whose third release “III” has made a big impression on the show this year. A great blend of expert electronic production and solid vocals, hooks, and the like. One of my favorites of 2016 so far.

Bob Moses – KEXP

Posted: 24th March 2016 by Dave in Albums, Video

This duo called Bob Moses, who I’d previously thought to be a single artist, have really been on the radar lately. They performed recently in the studios of KEXP and were a relatively high-profile act at SXSW 2016. I encouraged a few people to listen and they were very enthusiastic about the sound. Do check […]

Top Albums of 2014

Posted: 4th January 2015 by Dave in Albums, Chatter, Video

I’m not known to do this on an annual basis, but, what the heck. Here are the most influential albums on Nerd Show in 2014: Hail Mary Mallon – Bestiary The “other” dynamic hip-hop supergroup/duo to release an album this year (that we cared about). Bestiary takes Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic’s trip even further […]

EclectiCollective – Train Wrekord

Posted: 28th February 2013 by Dave in Albums, Mixtapes, Playlists

This represents a collaborative effort between many members of a community formed around a Turntable.FM room called Eclectica Shmectica. Upon joining the room for the first time just on a year ago, I was bombarded by original music from many of the room’s regulars, and queried as to whether or not I had anything original. […]


Posted: 20th March 2012 by Dave in Albums

There are many artists out there trying to find exposure. There are many DJs looking for music they like. Sometimes it finds them. Astronautica is one of the many sounds I enjoy listening to and playing on Nerd Show, and I think you should consider the free download of her album on Bandcamp: I’ve […]

Burial – Burial

Posted: 21st April 2011 by Dave in Albums, Chatter

Got this one on eBay recently, and though I won’t be playing it on the show tonight, it’s something I’ll play in the near future:

New Music – 04/07/11 & 04/14/11

Posted: 14th April 2011 by Dave in Albums, Singles and EPs

This is going to be quick and dirty. We’re talking about nearly 300 tracks to listen to, all told. Lots of good stuff too, as if there weren’t enough excellent music out there right now… 3:33 – EP-1 The definition of Crunchy Hip-Hop. Heavy basslines, distorted drum beats, distant synthesizers and noises sampled from the […]