Nerd Show – 14 May, 2015

Posted: 17th May 2015 by Dave in Playlists, Podcast

Nerd Show – 14 May, 2015 by Nerdshow on Mixcloud

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This is the list of artists, albums, and songs
Artist Album Title
Nerd Show zZq (re)Presents Nerd Show Startup Sequence 2
Femme En Fourrure Smell EP Smell
Fink Horizontalism Looking Too Closely (So36dub)
Fink Horizontalism Shakespeare (Nachbarn39)
Rone Creatures “””(00)””
Rone Creatures Elle
Magit Cacoon Other Dimension Plant M
Magit Cacoon Other Dimension Crime (Who`s Afraid Of Berlin)
Tsunga ACRE055 Maris Piper
Drew Chial Prox Substance D
Nerd Show zZq (re)Presents Nerd Show Primary Sequence 2
Ital Toxic Work Environment Canker Sore
Ital Toxic Work Environment The Citadel
Howling TBC Litmus
Howling TBC Zürich
George Fitzgerald Fading Love Shards
George Fitzgerald Fading Love Your Two Faces
Route 8 Dry Thoughts EP (2nd Edition) Relaxed
Steve Murphy UK Treatment EP Total Recall 2084
Fritz Kalkbrenner Ways Over Water Three The Hard Way
Fritz Kalkbrenner Ways Over Water Every Day
nthng 1996 Moving On
HVOB Trialog The Anxiety to please
HVOB Trialog Ghost
MG MG Islet
MG MG Crowly
Art of Ballistics REX 84 Leave Everything Behind
The Prodigy The Day Is My Enemy Roadblox
Lapalux Lustmore Make Money
Lapalux Lustmore Funny Games
Worldwide Groove Corporation The Year of the Groove Summertime
Nerd Show Hinkelsteins Deep Shine
Nerd Show zZq (re)Presents Nerd Show Archive 2
The Orb Orblivion S.A.L.T.
Nerd Show zZq (re)Presents Nerd Show Shutdown Sequence 2

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